Series 1 Episode 2 – War in Ukraine: an insight from experts and those most affected

Lewis Wake
Friday 20 May 2022

In a special Scotland’s Future podcast dedicated to the war in Ukraine, we hear from those most affected by the Russian invasion.

Host Professor Stephen Gethins talks to St Andrews International Business student Diana Surzhyk from Kyiv in Ukraine about the human impact of prolonged Russian aggression on her country, family and friends, and about her views on Ukraine’s future, as well as academics who have been closely monitoring the impact of the war on the country, its people and its economy.

The podcast also examines the role of the media, and particularly social media, in the conflict and hears from British Academy Research Fellow Dr Taras Fedirko, from the University’s School of Philosophy, Anthropological and Film Studies, who was carrying out research in his homeland prior to the invasion.

Also contributing to the podcast are world-renowned military strategist Professor Phillips O’Brien, who has been charting the war and Russia’s tactics since the start of the invasion and now has more than 100,000 Twitter followers, as well as Dr Alice König from the School of Classics, who runs the University’s Visualising War and Peace project.

Pictured above (from left) are Professor Phillips O’Brien; St Andrews International Business student Diana Surzhyk from Kyiv; Professor Stephen Gethins from the School of International Relations and host of the Scotland’s Future Series podcasts; Dr Alice Konig from the School of Classic and host of the Visualising War and Peace podcast; and British Academy Research Fellow Dr Taras Fedirko.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video on YouTube.

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