Series 2 Episode 8 – Parliamentary committee talks about Scotland’s place in the world in St Andrews

Lauren Sykes
Thursday 22 December 2022

In this special Scotland’s Future Series recording, host Stephen Gethins speaks to the convener and deputy convener of the Scottish Parliament Committee during their visit to the University.

The podcast with Clare Adamson MSP and Donald Cameron MSP covered the Constitution, External Affairs, Europe and Culture, and included a discussion about the committee’s most recent Inquiry into the Scottish Government’s International Work as well as Scotland’s place in the world and what ‘soft’ powers can be used to promote Scotland ‘the brand’.

The recording followed two meetings held at the University earlier in the day – one with staff from the School of International Relations and one with a group of students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, including students from Ukraine, Germany, Romania, the US, and Scotland.

These discussions were, according to both Clare and Donald, very helpful to the committee and they said it was interesting to hear the students in particular talk about how they see Scotland on the international stage, the importance of the Scottish diaspora in building links across the globe, as well as the value of cultural exchanges where international students can learn more about Scotland while they are here and take this knowledge with them.

Participants in the podcast also discussed the significance of the Scottish Council on Global Affairs in promoting Scotland as a centre of political knowledge and insight, St Andrews’ role in this, and the importance of providing a forum for wider debate on issues including the High North, particularly in relation to defence and security in Europe, as well as the development and encouragement of feminist foreign policy.

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