Series 1 Episode 5 – Scotland’s role in connecting the past with the future in Africa and Asia

Lauren Sykes
Thursday 9 June 2022

In episode 5 of our podcast series Professor Stephen Gethins talks to St Andrews academics about the project, ‘For Freedom: Scotland and the Making of a Decolonised World’.

Professor Stephen Gethins meets Dr Milinda Banerjee (above right), Lecturer in Modern History in the School of History, and Dr Jo Mhairi Hale (above left), sociologist and Lecturer in Geography and Sustainable Development, to talk about the interdisciplinary project they are embarking on as part of Scotland’s Future Series with their colleague, Isabel Robinson, Research Fellow in Modern History.

‘For Freedom: Scotland and the Making of a Decolonised World’ looks at Scotland’s role in the anti-colonial movement. During the discussion, they talk about how 2022 marks a century since the formal independence of Egypt, and 75 years since the independence of India and Pakistan and how, on these anniversaries, the project aims to follow two main pathways connecting Scotland to pasts and futures of decolonisation in Asia and Africa.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video via YouTube.

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