SFS podcasts

Sharing the stories of Scotland’s Future Series projects and providing a platform to discuss significant events and news that also have a bearing on Scotland and the country’s future has been key to the development of this Principal’s Office project.

One of the most successful ways of sharing knowledge, expertise and ideas has been via our podcast series which has included discussion on the war in Ukraine by experts based in St Andrews and government proposals to introduce new legislation on sexual offences in Scotland, as well as looking at the impact of the cost-of-living and energy crisis and St Andrews’ response to that.

The podcast series began as a project put forward by the University’s Chief Legal Officer, Mike Gettinby, who has also hosted several interviews in the series.

As part of their development, most Scotland’s Future Series podcasts have been recorded for audio and are available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and also captured on camera and available in the Scotland’s Future Podcast playlist on the University’s YouTube channel.

If you have an idea for a Scotland’s Future Series podcast, based on your funded project or on another topic related to Scotland’s future, please get email scotlandsfuture@st-andrews.ac.uk.